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The Company

The company is an initiative who started in 2014 as an inspiration of two people who wished to try a new way to promote and export a unique product such as the Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

John Aslanis and Christos Papailiopoulos joined forces to make this dream come true. A new concept was born. In December 2014 became a member of the family of the Orange Grove the unique initiative of the Dutch Embassy to support Greek young entrepreneurs with their business ideas.

The team decided to create a network of partners that could enable the platform to deliver something that did not exist till now. The opportunity for international retailers and wholesalers to access premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the bottle of their preference according to their market needs and with the ability to place their logo in the product label and have their order delivered at their door with credibility and professionalism.

This was achieved by the creation of a unique network of strategic partners. The platform works with Business Quality Certification S.A. for the certification and regulation to ensure the credibility of the services and products while in the collaboration with Mediterranean Threpsi EE the platform found a reliable and innovative olive oil producer and bottling partner.

The close collaboration with Afoi Markaki added to the platform a wide variety of bottle and packaging selections which enables the users to select the bottle and packaging that matches better their market needs. This service could not be complete without the appropriate label options and this was achieved with our collaboration with one of the top label companies in Greece Cabas S.A.

Our valuable partner Design Lobby adds to our platform the unique customization service since they are a designer agency of state of the art designers that can fully customize any bottle of our collection according to our client taste and needs.

Finally we work with FedEx Express, Orbit Couriers and Orphee Beinoglou to make sure that our products will reach our customers with safety and credibility anywhere in the world!

We welcome you to our platform and we are at your disposal to deliver to you a perfect result.

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