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Our Services

Welcome to yourgreekolive oil. This is a small and useful guide for you in order to understand how yourgreekoliveoil works and send your inquiry. Our representatives will always be in continuous contact with you from the first till the last step which is the delivery of the products to your door.

Step 1

This is the first step. Here you explore the olive oil varieties of our producers, read information about the olive oil variety, its history and specifications and the philosophy and access and download the product certifications. Understand the quality and learn the difference that makes Greek Extra Virgin Olive oil the best in the world.

Step 2

In this step you get to choose the bottle of your preference. We have carefully selected a variety of bottles with capacity from 50ml to 5000ml to cover all needs. Select the capacity, the type of bottle, the colour. Navigate through the menu and select what best matches your market and customer needs.

Step 3

Following the bottle selection you are presented with the options for the cap that matches your selected bottle. They come in different colours and with accessories such as flow systems, valves and nozzles.

Step 4

As a final step you are presented with the label options that match your selection. Since we are offering a fully customizable label you can either select a sample design or ask for the label margins to design and send us your own or finally leave all this to the hands of our expert partners Design Lobby to offer you a variety of suggestions and even design a new brand for your needs. You will have to send us your logo at an off line e-mail procedure.

Step 5

Submit your inquiry by sending us the quantity you wish and we will immediately inform you about the minimum order per code, the customization expenses that vary upon the quantity you order and finally inform you about the logistic options and costs.

Step 6

Once the procedure is complete we will create the product and deliver it with professionalism at your door wherever you are based.

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