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Saitis Olive Oil Company joins yourgreekoliveoil

We are proud to welcome Saitis Olive Oil company in our network. The Saitis estate is located in the Rodia area, as a part of one of the oldest olive groves in the wider Stylida region. Crop species include the varieties KonservoliaStylidas, Kalamon, Chalkidikis, Koroneiki and Manaki. The variety of species enables them to select the best fruit from the finest varieties, the juice of which is then selected for the best extra virgin olive oil. As a member of a producers’ team that implements Integrated Management System in olive cultivation, they can guarantee for the excellent result, an olive oil certified according to the AGRO 2.1 & 2.2 standards’ requirements. They represent the third generation of a family engaged in olive cultivation and production of extra virgin olive oil. In early 2013, in an attempt to reclaim their passion for olive oil and their parents’ long-term expertise in the field, they decided to take the next step. They invested in the olive oil standardization, in order to produce high quality products. Their goal is to attribute the added value of the “gold” that grows in their land and place it directly to both Greek and foreign customers.

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