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Elaion-Skourtis becomes a member of yourgreekoliveoil

We are proud to welcome to our platform Elaion-Skourtis the organic olive oil production company of Skourtis Group of Companies. Elaion-Skourtis is joining both our boutique and olive oil producers network. The Skourtis Organic Olive Groves lie in the historical region of Nemea in Corinthia carrying a rich history which reaches till the Ancient Nemea Games. In the area of Corinthia, where is the Ancient city of Nemea,close to the Chiliomodi village,there are for many years the organic olive groves with the "golden leaf" trees to grow in a pure natural undamaged environment. This district remains without any chemical intervention in ground,water and air. It is called "Manaki" a famous kind of olives produced only locally in Corinthia-Argolida and it is the same trees that the winner athletes of Nemea Games at the 6th century B.C. have been crowned or with the oil anoint their bodies under the bright life giving sun of Peloponnese. From these 200 acres of organic olive groves of the Skourtis Family we introduce proudly in the international market an organic extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed (20oC),with high natural value and rich excellent flavor with an authentic fruity fragrance.

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