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Ambrosia feinste Delikatessen to debute at yourgreekoliveoil boutique

We are proud to welcome as a member of the family of yourgreekoliveoil and our first entry in our boutique Ambrosia feinste Delicatessen. Apostolis Vasiliadis and Ntinos Choriatakis are two close friends and partners but most of all two true entrepreneurs who created Ambrosia Olive Oil. In ancient times, ambrosia (the divine food) was brought to the 12 gods of Mount Olympus by wild doves. Today, Ambrosia feinste Delikatessen makes sure that this finest of Greek foods is available for your table. The extra pure olive oil is produced and bottled in limited quantities in Messenia, Peloponnese; a region where once King Nestor lived. The olives which are picked by hand grow on century-old trees on mountain slopes facing the sea. These olives retain their nutritional and physiological properties: the oil produced from them is low in acidity (up to 0.8%). The olives are selected using modern methods to produce an olive oil of perhaps the very best in quality. The region is known for its commitment to preserving its culinary heritage and the recipes are handed down from one generation to another. Ambrosia products are made in limited quantities from first-grade, natural ingredients and contains no preservatives, additives or artificial colouring. Ambrosia thrived in the latest 2015 Elaiotechnia Olive Oil Awards receiving 4 awards: -Golden Aristion Quality Award for for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. -Silver Aristion Design Award for Olive Oil Packaging. -Praise for Innovation of Olive Oil Packaging. -Praise for Overview of Olive Oil Packaging.

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